Breath to innovate #CYSTICFIBROSIS Gaming

Breathing is our first act in life.

When unfolded, our airways cover up to 90 square meters – fifty times more than our skin! But what happens when breathing becomes a challenge? Today, one person out of twenty suffers from respiratory failure.

Now, imagine that lung specialists, children affected with cystic fibrosis, elders with asthma, designers, musicians, developers, educators, yoga practitioners, researchers, anthropologists and professionals of all fields collaborate to foster breathing health.

What if we created science-based games that stimulate the inclusion and autonomy of people with chronic respiratory diseases, but that also learn us how to breath well ?

The Breathing Games initiative aims to promoting respiratory health by creating an open source standard to foster collaborations between local breathing games initiatives.

Follow our initiative on YouTube and on other social networks! Do you feel a call to contribute ? Visit !

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