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The Danish book that helps thousands of children fall asleep

Are you having a hard time getting your child to sleep?

Thousands of families love reading “The Children’s Meditations: In my heart” at bedtime. The Danish word “hygge” (hard to translate but close to wellbeing and coziness) is spreading and the Danish way of doing things is often widely talked about. And now one of Denmark’s latest exports is no exception and is of course full of “hygge”. “The Children’s Meditations In my Heart” by emerging Danish author Gitte Winter enables children to fall asleep within minutes. Now available in three different languages, it is beginning to change bedtime routines the world over.


So what is the secret?

A method so simple it will surprise you: you’ve just got to turn up the love. And here is a book that teaches you the method to turn up the love at bedtime and help your child relax.

Looking for help?

Too many children suffer from stress and all sorts of mental health issues. Lack of sleep plays a major role in this devastating tendency in our societies. Children today in general sleep one hour less than we did 25 years ago. And that hour makes a big difference in their lives. When you read The Children’s Meditations In my Heart to your child before bedtime and you give your child the tools to wind down, find inner peace and fall asleep.

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