World Health Innovation Summit - #WHIS Connecting people and communities to improve their health and wellbeing #togetherweinspire (Salutogenic approach)



We're a platform for over 7 billion people to inspire, innovate and share our knowledge so we all benefit - our activities support the 17 sustainable development goals.



The future of business is aligned to social value - our model allows us to generate income streams and reinvest it back into local community projects. 


Generating value together and sharing that value. 




We want the best health care system in the world, we want the most efficient and effective system so everyone benefits and YOU can join us.


How do we achieve this?


By working together, collaborating and sharing knowledge like never before to improve healthcare for all.


The World Health Organisation 1946 defines

health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity'.


The WHO determinants of health are:

– the social and economic environment

– the physical environment, and

– the person's individual characteristics and behaviours


Our health services are under increasing pressure. Excessive pressure to provide effective health care continues to rise as our expectations do. We need innovative ideas to support our healthcare system and the World Health Innovation Summit provides a platform to share ideas and focus on solutions.


World Health Innovation Summit is a new innovative way of working together, providing a platform for all of us to openly share ideas and discover solutions together.



The World Health Innovation Summit is not just a conference or a meeting. It is about communities coming together to support eachother through a salutogenic appraoch to health and wellbeing, to network on a continuous basis. By supporting our communities, sharing knowledge, inspiring and innovating we as individuals and as a community benefit.




By bringing patients, clinicians, managers, voluntary sector, education and businesses together to exchange knowledge, inspire and innovate together we all learn and our health service will benefit.


Health touches every sector:

Education, Transport, Food and Agriculture, Housing, Waste, Energy, Industry, Urbanization, Water, Radiation, Nutrition (WHO)

In order to find solutions we need inspiration and innovation. WHIS is about each and every one of us helping to support our health services. In order to do that we need a platform for people to contribute and meet to share their knowledge and the World Health Innovation Summit (Federation) provides that platform to do this in a consolidated structured process and innovate solutions.



The World Health Innovation Summit team are committed to colloaorating so our communities benefit.


Our business model ensures our events and activities are accessible while providing opportunities through the WHIS Federation (Local community networks with central support that have independence with internal affairs #togetherweinspire) . Profits after costs are re-invested back into community projects. 


We bring in revenue from community support, partnerships, sponsorships, digital sales, advisory services and a number of other commercial activities which means we can return money back into our local communities. Excess funding after our costs will go to local community projects.


We have held successful events in Carlisle, Manchester, Nottingham, Fylde Coast, Birmingham, Liverpool (UK) and around the world (Greece, Thailand, Philippines) to share knowledge and improve healthcare for all.


We have supporting programmes running alongside the summits such as WHISKids (Health & Wellness for the next generation) and WHISatwork (Stress management within the workplace), WHISSeniors (Elderly care to improve quality of life), WHISGreen (Energy, Waste, Water) and WHISTech (WHISInspire). All programmes support our communities while looking for solutions to ease pressure from our health and social care services (Prevention).


We have community ambassadors and we are delighted to be working with such an inspiring individuals who work dilegently within their local communities. 


Our motto is “Together, We Inspire” and by working together we will inspire and deliver better healthcare. Our goals and vision support the 17 sustainable development goals as set by the United Nations. 


Founder, CEO Gareth Presch


WHIS Presentation


Social Return on Investment Summary (SROI) Report March 2018 (PPT) - conducted by LynchPin Support


SROI report July 2018


WHIS Brochure


WHIS Values


#WHIS Values

  • We value each and every person we work with and come into contact with

  • We value patient safety and high quality care

  • We value all our partners and team’s belief systems; their way of life and their decision making processes

  • When making decisions about new projects, solutions, services, strategies or models, we always ask “Is it in the best interest of society as a whole?”

  • We are collaborators and we look for solutions so we can help society as a whole

  • We work with honesty and integrity – we practice open disclosure in our workplaces and lives

  • We are compassionate, caring, empathetic and kind - to all we come in contact with

  • We work together as a team and share our knowledge and experiences with one another to create a culture of learning

  • We are committed to our communities

  • We value our partners and societies hard earned money and always ensure that they are getting value for the solutions we provide – we do this true continual evaluation

  • We are open-minded – no idea will be discarded

  • We are accountable for our actions – we take ownership for any actions that we may do that are proven to be unethical and when mistakes are made we will admit them.

  • We are informed – we stay up to date in relation to current affairs which are related to the work we do and constantly strive to upskill to ensure we do the best job we can.

  • We trust each other and those who share the same ethics and goals.

  • We are tolerant of one another’s differences of opinions, beliefs and decisions.

  • We value positivity – we are proactive in our approaches

  • We value our sharing of knowledge ethos and expect that knowledge to be valued

  • We value people’s data given to us and protect this data as if it were our own

  • We value balanced lives - we work at a pace that’s realistic and practical

  • We work with one another to achieve our communities goals

And in everything we do, we have fun doing it - we smile and we laugh –

because this is good for the heart, the soul, and good for our health.


World Health Innovation Summit Shop - By supporting World Health Innovation Summit activities you are supporting your local communities - we bring health, education and an economic boost to local communities #togetherweinspire #WHIS


World Health Innovation Summit CIC is an independent social enterprise that supports communities with health and wellbeing knowledge exchange and has no political or religious affiliation. We respect all views and opinions. Membership of WHIS is through the Federation and only listed members are affiliated to WHIS #togetherweinspire 

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