Local community networks with central support that have independence with internal affairs #togetherweinspire


By supporting WHIS activities you are supporting your community. Our activities directly impact positively on your community.


We have a number of ways you can help and suppor our activities - through social media for example use the hastag #WHIS #togetherweinspire and please do follow us on social media Twitter, Facebook and Instragram and join the conversation. 


"The future of business will be aligned to social value" Gareth Presch


We look to collaborate and work with local, national and international businesses along with academia, voluntary and statutroy agencies that share the same values - supporting communities. Our summits and activitis have sponsorship and partnership opportunities available and give your brand or business an excellent opportunity to align to social value in the community (CSR etc). 


Contact any member of the WHIS team or email info@worldhealthinnovationsummit.com for more details to join the Federation


You can visit our shop or via our order form for t-shirts/hoodies and jackets. 


We also look to support startups with innovative ideas. We're always looking to support and help those in our community. 



Join the #WHIS Federation!

As WHIS federation members you recieve a card that also provides first responders and medical professionals with vital information should they need it in the case of an emergency. Joining the Fedeartion works out at 3p per day and this allows you to become part of an innovative community who supports local communities in a positive way.


In an emergency lives are saved by making your condition or allergy known quickly. 





Is my online Information safe ?
Yes , your data is saved on a secure server password protected to the cardholder.
You are in control of all the data on the card and the online profile .

How does the medical data get onto my online profile ?
Data and information on the online profile is filled in by the cardholder so is controlled with sensitive information only accessible to medical professionals via the GP contact details if preferred.

How does the QR code work ? 
Any smart phone or mobile device with a QR reader can scan the code which directly opens your personal information page which you can customise to give further instructions for your care in the event of an emergency.

Can I get a card for another family member ?
Yes, many people have found in advantageous and reassuring for children or elderly relatives to carry a card and an online profile.

Is there a non emergency use for the card ? 
Yes , adding current medications and dosages to the online profile helps with the difficulties many elderly ones have in recalling all this data when speaking with medical professionals .

Can I add medical documents to my profile ?
Yes, legal advance directives such as treatment refusals or organ donor preferences can be both included in the profile and attached as files.

As my medical condition changes can I update the information ?
Yes, the ID-SOS service is provided on an annual subscription basis so information can be updated to provide a current and accurate profile at all times.

Will this work when I am abroad ?
Yes , the ID-SOS card has been carefully designed to be recognisable worldwide as a medical alert card.
The QR code is universally recognised worldwide and the profile page headings are multilingual enabling your vital information to be accessible worldwide.

*The Card was launched at the ehealth forum in Athens.