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Prabhu Murthy #WHISAfrica 

Now, Founder & CEO of UAH Smart e- clinic kiosk company - A revolutionary social health enterprise . His mission is to save Lives,fix healthcare access issue and chronic disease problem in the Low & middle income countries. Prabhu grew up in a small town in Chennai – India ,studied English Literature and Business Administration at University Of Madras, and National institute of Management. Has certificate in financial planning & healthcare marketing.

He has more than 15 years of exp in Insurance , Tech , Health care , and Global outsourcing sector. He specializes in International business,contract service delivery, Global sales,product development, strategy,marketing & business development. He was Head of International business for Medscheme - Africa’s largest health risk management & health administration company , where he led the group new geo service expansion, Mergers & Acquisition strategy.


Prabhu , He is also Director of Xantatech – Africa , member of various business associations and sit on the board of World health innovation summit, WHIS start-ups, and other early stage innovative tech start-ups & social ventures. .


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