WHIS Fylde Blackpool

World Health Innovation Summit took place at Blackpool's Winter Gardens on the 15th & 16th March 2018. 


We'll be back in 2019. 


Final programme.


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Email - linda@worldhealthinnovationsummit.com 


WHIS: Empowering Communities to Thrive - introduction.


WHIS Fylde Coast present a two-day immersive health & well-being summit, of interest to anyone who wants to improve their own health & well-being or supports others to do so. We will feature local, national and international speakers, local grass-roots community initiatives, there will be opportunities for storytelling (people sharing lived experiences of learning to live with illness, indeed thrive despite illness), lots of creative activities, and much more.


Our aim is to showcase the great work going on locally and further afield, to create opportunities for meaningful engagement between our communities and those providing care for us – an opportunity to share knowledge, expertise and skills. With a focus on promoting wellness, preventing illness, and learning to thrive despite illness, topics will include mental health & resilience, lifestyle medicine including the latest research on nutrition & exercise, using technology to support health, the power of kindness and compassion in care and the central role of community to our overall well-being.


The event is suitable for health care staff, health professionals (public and private sector), members of the public, patients, social care providers, philanthropists, business communities, housing development and residential planners (smarter cities agenda), policy makers, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators, voluntary and community workers, artists, architects, musicians and designers, charities, university academics, students, sports enthusiasts, alternative therapy practitioners, digital technologists, social media experts and public health specialists.

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