#WHIS Twitter Chats

Welcome to the World Health Innovation Summit, an International platform set up to support our health services while creating community value.


#WHIS Twitter chats are run by members of our communities around the World.


Our Hashtag is #WHIS and our chats take place on Thursday evening between 7-8pm GMT+1 UK (during the summer months). (If you are unsure of the timing then look at @HIC2016 and we will publish tweets 2 hours and 1 hour before the event reminding people when it is due to begin


#WHIS Tweet chats

If you are new to Twitter or haven't joined a tweet chat before see below some useful information to help you:


*when replying via twitter do use the hashtag #WHIS and add the answer number for example A1 for Question1 (Q1) followed by the hashtag #WHIS 


Do join us and share your knowledge so we can support our local communities. If you have a topic or wish to host a chat contact a member of our team or email info@worldhealthinnovationsummit.com