WHISKids Schools




  • Our model of schooling will provide students and their families with access to an alternative form of education that will be based on best international educational practice. 

  • We will enable pupils to flourish independently, academically and socially, whilst providing children with the knowledge and courage to move into the wider world and modern community successfully.

  • The model will be available to be adopted worldwide.



  • We are individuals, we have differing desires, strengths and weaknesses. We all learn in different ways, and have passions and skills in different areas. Therefore, we all thrive in different settings.

  • We will aim to provide pupils and families with an alternative option for their educational journey in order for everyone to be able to find a setting which best suits the way in which they learn, with the common goal of enabling pupils to thrive.



  • Educational support to pupils and their families. With the right support, choice and freedom, we will enable pupils to have a deeper understanding of themselves, their passions and their independent thought.

  • We will support parents, and pupils as they grow, to choose how they wish to develop, what subjects / projects they want to learn, what learning style best suits their needs, and where they want their educational journey to take them.

  • We will create a strong bond between the school and the families involved, as well as allowing pupils to flourish.


We will have more details out soon - we plan to open schools in Cumbria and Nottingham in 2018.