Design Thinking

“The future of business is alignd to societal value and we can help you inspire positive change that creates market opportunities for products, services and technologies using existing knowledge and resources that support positive change”


Our networks are global but we think local. We help solve local problems through our design thinking workshops that support global problems (example:SDGs). We give you the opportunity to tap into a new market of knowledge exchange on a global scale for impact. 

We support change between leaders in academia, business, governments, city mayors, civil society and local communities. Our work develops societal change business models that blend public and private investments and create shared value for all stakeholders.

Creating new ecosystems that are developed and designed by people for their communities provides us with a huge opportunity to deliver the sustainable development goals and prepare our society for the future of work as we move from a gig economy to knowledge - Gareth Presch, Founder, CEO, WHIS

As a Global Design Thinking enterprise, real world problem solving is at the core of everything we do. We have designed Experiential workshops for universities in USA to preparing youth for The Future of Work in India and Africa to working with Multinational Organizations to co-create Innovative products and services. All our programs are designed using the framework of human centered design approach. Our aim is to be a leading global player for solving problems in the context of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Combining with WHIS's multisector approach we are excited to bring our programs and technology platform for problem solving to different industries across Europe.   

- Dhairya Pujara Founder CEO Ycenter


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