To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we need bold new partnerships between the public and private sectors. We work with UNGSII Foundation to support impact investment to achieve the SDGs. 

World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS) is a community interest company who reinvest profits after our costs back into local communities. 


WHIS is global platform that brings opportunities to create new and meaningful knowledge based ecosystems that not only support people's health and wellbeing but create new and meaningful jobs while generating local value that can be shared (circular economy). 


We are supporting the implementation of the SDGs. Our partnership network of governments, businesses, media, NGOs and non-profit organisations are purpose driven who want to turn the 2030 Agenda from a dream to a reality. 


The WHIS model is based on values, trust, transparency and results, ensuring that all donations are managed and implemented as per the objectives of the donating entity.


Partnership are offered on multiple levels, each brings unique opportunities to support local communities with rights and exposure.  For more information about the opportunities and benefits of partnering with WHIS, please contact us using the form below.


We are creating new business models to support the UN sustainable development goals. We work with UNGSII Foundation and are inviting family offices, asset managers, companies and investors to look to the future and work with us as we create new and meaningful ecosystems around the world. We provide the perfect platform to grow new businesses that have impact. 


To make a donation to WHIS or to speak to us about initiating new ecosystems or ideas please contact Gareth Presch 

We are partners with the United Nations Global Sustainable Index Institution (UNGSII Foundation). 

SCR500 Fund 

PODCAST ON THE SCR500 FUND - Former NASDAQ President Alfred Berkeley  

Example's of Impact Investment opportunities - 

1 Trillion Trees

ZERO Emission Buses

Ref - UN Global Compact

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