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HEALTH AND THE CONFERENCE THEME - Chaired by David Dickinson

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

Dickens’ backdrop of uncertainty, change and revolution is not dissimilar from the world we now

know. Traditional methods of delivering health and wellbeing services are overwhelmed by demand

and people are being encouraged to do more for themselves. Whether it is indeed the best of times

or the worst of times depends on a person’s perception and their capacity to manage the impact of

changes around them, sometimes known as their ‘sense of coherence.’

The World Health Innovation Summit is guiding pilot cities in adopting the UN Strategic

Development Goals to assist participating cities in making these and other changes.

Taking greater responsibility requires being better informed and being able to make meaning from

information about our minds and bodies within the shifting context of our lives. Our presenters have

been selected to introduce these issues for 15 minutes or so and then together with a panel of

local experts in each field, to respond to the thoughts raised by summit delegates.

Chair Dr Amir Hannan The partnership of trust 11am 12.15pm

Dr Amir Hannan is Chair of the World Health Innovation Summit and a renowned innovator in strategies that empower patients to participate in their own healthcare. Through his work as a GP in a busy inner city practice he has demonstrated the proven return on investment when people are empowered by the medical profession to take more control of their health and well-being. Amir refers to his approach to general practice as establishing and maintaining a “partnership of trust".


Ivor Cummins - health and wellbeing broadcaster
Rob Hall - x-tention, the company providing part of the Irish oncology patient information service and a sponsor
Tom O’Mara - Office of the vice president, University College Cork 

Chair Dr Clíona Ní Cheallaigh Inclusion Health 13.30pm - 14.45pm

That “partnership of trust” is also key to Clíona's Inclusion Health programme. As an associate professor at Trinity College Dublin, and a consulting physician, she provides innovative healthcare services for the people in Dublin who fall outside the system: often homeless with a history drug use, sometimes presenting with multiple chronic physical and mental problems. Cliona’s programme continues to demonstrate a return on investment, significantly reducing the disproportionate demand these patients would otherwise make on her hospital’s resources.

Prof. Michael Gill TCD
Ray Cullen founder of Ask Tom, the Wexford based suicide prevention champion
Sarah Jane Hogan Acting CEO of Anyman, the Irish male domestic abuse charity

Chair Dr Rebecca Torrance Jenkins Neuroscience-informed self-care and learning 15.00pm 16.15pm

Healthcare, well-being and learning go hand in hand. Rebecca’s post-doctoral research into the relationship between neuroscience, learning and teaching has led to some impressive breakthrough results in schools. She will share how children, given an understanding of how their brains function, working with  teachers committed to teaching differently, learn more effectively and more efficiently. She will also share how she has recently broadened her research to parenting informed by neuroscience.

Leemore Blitzblau Butler  Holistic Nurture, Dublin
Aimee Carton  - TCD student (MA Entrepreneurship 2018/19) and international prize winner

Andrea Jebb - Junior Genius and WHIS Kids Ireland


Chair Sean Hawkshaw Investing in self-care innovation 16.30pm - 17.45pm

But these innovations and their potential returns are outside the funding framework of traditional healthcare provision which is already under resourced to undertake its given role, and we must look to other forms of investment to pilot them.  So our fourth speaker is Sean Hawkshaw, CEO of KBI Global Investments in Ireland, a big supporter of the UN Strategic Development Goals. He sits on the Irish Investment Board and is keen to explore financial innovations such as the role of social impact investing.
Poonam Balan, Founder and CEO Tacthub 

Dr Amir Hannan Chair World Health Innovation Summit
David John Kerr - Microsoft

In partnership with The Good Summit:

October 17th 2019 Trinity College - Dublin, Ireland 

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