Creative Arts, Music and Health

Supporting communities through creative arts and music to improve health and wellbeing - concerts and events through our partners.

"Combining our knowledge in healthcare with creative artists

and musicians provides the perfect opportunity to create new

and meaningful jobs while supporting peoples health

and wellbeing worldwide" Gareth Presch, CEO, WHIS

"Being on the top of the classical music business for 10 years, combined with having the intrinsic knowledge of what makes music great, we have embarked on our big mission to improve music education worldwide and to give people access that didn't have it before. Now we are excited to combine our efforts and knowledge with experts in health-care and medicine to not only improve people's well-being, but show communities that music, done right, has an incredible healing power." Ingolf Wunder, pianist & conductor | Paulina Wunder, Founder of APPASSIO

Next steps - arrange a call with our programme lead and we'll scope the project and requirements. Then we set a date and the work begins to support. 

*Corporate events, schools, universities, public institutions etc 

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