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In September 2015, 193 heads of state pledged their commitment to implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations. 


The UNGSII FOUNDATION was created to assist and accelerate the implementation process. 

Our mission is to ensure that the world reaches its goal, at the latest, by 2030. 

UNGSII, in cooperation with UNSDSN, UNICEF, UNOPS, WHO, and other SDG-related Excellence Partners, are supporting 25 leading cities and 5 indigenous communities selected from across all continents, to prove that full SDG implementation by 2025 is possible. All it takes is people coming together to focus their efforts and resources on creating a sustainable future.

 The platform has been created as a friendly competition with multiple activities and initiatives supported by SDG experts and industry partners with the common goal of illustrating that SDG implementation results in prosperity and improved quality-of-life for area citizens and business. Best practices will presented at the annual SDG Champions Conference in Espoo, Finland (the front runner City of the 25+5) for the first time during June 6 - 8 2019. This includes the youth competition, "Beethoven Meets His 21st Century Friends of Fridays."

UNGSII SCR 500 report 2019



SDG Lab WEF January 21st - 24th 2020, Davos Switzerland.


June 23rd - 27th 2020 we will meet for the SDG Champions Conference in San Marino to share progress on SDG projects and at the same time celebrate the best performers within the SCR500. 


September 10th - 12th 2020 those projects needing further financial support will be presented at our SDG Impact Investment Conference hosted in Cambridge, UK. 


Finally, on December 3rd - 6th 2020 all partners will gather for COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland to celebrate the best performers for 2020 – before we all meet again on January 6th - 8th 2021 in Brasov, Romania to share among friends the plans for 2021.

SDG Lab 2019 Davos Hard Talk

SDG Lab Davos 2019 English

SDG Lab Davos 2019 German

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