#WHIS Values


  • We value each and every person we work with and come into contact with

  • We value patient safety and high quality care

  • We value all our partners and team’s belief systems; their way of life and their decision making processes

  • When making decisions about new projects, solutions, services, strategies or models, we always ask “Is it in the best interest of society as a whole?” 

  • We are collaborators and we look for solutions so we can help society as a whole

  • We work with honesty and integrity – we practice open disclosure in our workplaces and lives

  • We are compassionate, caring, empathetic and kind - to all we come in contact with

  • We work together as a team and share our knowledge and experiences with one another to create a culture of learning

  • We are committed to our communities

  • We value our partners and societies hard earned money and always ensure that they are getting value for the solutions we provide – we do this true continual evaluation

  • We are open-minded – no idea will be discarded 

  • We are accountable for our actions – we take ownership for any actions that we may do that are proven to be unethical and when mistakes are made we will admit them. 

  • We are informed – we stay up to date in relation to current affairs which are related to the work we do and constantly strive to upskill to ensure we do the best job we can.

  • We trust each other and those who share the same ethics and goals. 

  • We are tolerant of one another’s differences of opinions, beliefs and decisions.

  • We value positivity – we are proactive in our approaches

  • We value our sharing of knowledge ethos and expect that knowledge to be valued

  • We value people’s data given to us and protect this data as if it were our own 

  • We value balanced lives - we work at a pace that’s realistic and practical 

  • We work with one another to achieve our communities goals 

And in everything we do, we have fun doing it - we smile and we laugh – because this is good for the heart, the soul, and good for our health.

Ingolf Wunder

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